Sponsorship includes financial support for the first year in Canada plus start-up costs for items such as clothing and furniture. Sometimes the federal government provides financial support, sometimes we split the costs with the government, and sometimes we pay all the costs privately.

We provide ‘wrap-around’ supports needed to help a refugee build a new life in Canada.

We help refugees find housing, access language training, healthcare, counselling, education, employment and other services. We assist with required paperwork and we provide orientation to banking, transportation, and city resources. We also provide emotional, social and spiritual support if desired.

A volunteer settlement team, supported by Ministry staff, will work with a sponsored refugee for a minimum of 12 months.


Are you living outside your country of origin, identify as LGBTQ2S+ and are fleeing sexual or gender based persecution?
Need help?

When I was 18 and my boyfriend was 20, Iranian officials discovered I was gay. They gave me 3 choices – they could kill me and I would be ‘fixed’ when I went to Paradise; I could undergo therapy to 'become' heterosexual; or, because I had completed my mandatory military service, they could give me a passport and I could leave the country. I knew others who chose the ‘therapy’ – they later killed themselves. I chose to leave. My boyfriend didn’t have a passport so he paid someone to lead him over the border. That was a hard night for me. They sweep border areas with searchlights and if they spot you, they shoot you. But he made it. We spent 2 years in Turkey waiting to be sponsored to Canada, because we knew here we would be free and our relationship respected. MCC Toronto sponsored us both. They met us at the airport and helped us find permanent housing. They helped us get into ESL classes, get our health cards and other documents. They introduced us to Toronto and gave us emotional and practical support. Now we’re both working, we love Toronto and love our new lives together.

Sponsored refugee at MCC Toronto