Peer Support

Peer Support

We host a monthly meeting for refugee claimants attended by 80 to 120 people, most of whom are waiting for their Immigration Refugee Board hearings. Meetings have speakers and discussion to help people learn about the LGBTQ2+ community in Toronto and available services; deal with stress while waiting for their hearing or settling as a refugee; and get oriented to Toronto. It also gives people an opportunity to meet other LGBTQ+ refugees and refugee claimants.

Over 3,000 refugees and claimants have participated in peer support activities provided by our volunteers, many of whom are current or former program participants themselves, and staff. We are working to provide more activities for Refugee Claimants. We do not provide counselling or in-depth one-on-one support to avoid duplicating services that are available through other organizations.


Refugee Claimants meetings happen on the fourth Sunday of every month. Orientation meetings are on Mondays and we hold an Information Session every Wednesday.
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Thank God you’re doing this work and saving lives. Thank you for asking me to help support it.

MCC Toronto Refugee Fund monthly donor