Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

The Refugee Strategy and Fundraising Advisory Committee is a group of experienced volunteers who develop program strategy to recommend to the MCC Toronto Board of Directors, oversee implementation of approved strategy, and raise funds for the Refugee Ministry.

We always need volunteers! 

If you would like to volunteer to work directly with LGBTQ2S+ refugees by helping them get settled or facilitating peer support activities, it’s important for you to  make a one-year commitment to provide consistency for program participants. Other volunteer tasks have more flexible time commitments.

Sponsorship Settlement Team volunteers help to integrate LGBTQ2S+ refugees as they build new lives in Canada. Volunteers help newcomers as they learn to navigate the city and get established. Each sponsored refugee is matched with a team of 7 to 10 volunteers who support them for at least a year as they become settled in Toronto.

Peer Support Team volunteers help with monthly peer support meetings with refugees and refugee claimants. They can help out by planning speakers and information about: community services; preparing for Refugee Board hearings; orientation to Toronto;  stress management; inclusive spirituality. They can help at refugee social events and peer support activities. Some volunteers help by meeting with a refugee claimant and writing a Refugee Board Hearing support letter that speaks to the claimant’s efforts to connect with a community in Toronto.

We’re saving lives. We want to share our freedom to love who you want without fear. We’re privileged and we need to share that. We have a responsibility to leave a legacy, as we did with same-sex marriage ... a global impact.

Volunteers working on the Refugee Oversight, Strategy and Fundraising Committee