Our Donors

Our Donors

If you would like to share the freedom we have in Canada with LGBTQ2S+ people who are in danger in other countries, and help them become settled refugees in Canada, please consider providing financial support for our work. You can be a monthly donor for $10 or more a month, or make a one-time donation to the Refugee Fund. Monthly donations are set up as automatic withdrawals from your credit card or bank account. This reduces our administrative costs and helps us plan ahead.

Cheques can be mailed to:

ATTN Kevin Coutu
MCC Toronto
115 Simpson Avenue
Toronto ON M4K 1A1

Please note on your cheque that it is for the Refugee Fund.

All donations are tax deductible. MCC Toronto is a registered charity with CRA.

Online Donations

We accept secure credit card donations online.
Thank you for your support.

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Our Allies

To stay up-to-date on issues and contribute to a collective voice on changes needed, MCC Toronto is a member of the Canadian Council for Refugees. From our experience with refugees trying to navigate the complex refugee system, we speak out about issues and changes needed to the system.

We work with other refugee service-providers in Toronto to avoid duplication and promote good relationships. 

We have a formal partnership with the Rainbow Railroad to support their efforts to help  LGBTIQ+ refugees in danger globally to move to countries of safety, and we provide oversight to their sponsorship of several LGBTIQ+ refugees to Canada through MCC Toronto.

We connect our refugees and claimants with community groups which provide services to LGBTQ2S+ refugees. We are part of the LGBTQ+ Settlement Network of Toronto, which includes the following: Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Community Health CentreAccess AllianceBlack CAP, SkylarkEgale Youth OUTreachPlanned Parenthood TorontoSupporting Our Youth (SOY) at Sherbourne Health Centre, Access AllianceFCJ Refugee Centre, reachOUTOCASI Positive Spaces Initiative, and CultureLink’s Sankofa.

They don’t sponsor refugees, and we don’t duplicate the counselling, education and other services they offer.

We work to educate our congregation and the public about the particular challenges faced by LGBTIQ+ refugees around the world and here in Canada.